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Portrait Gallery Events

January 17, 2012

Throughout the renovation and refurbishment at the Portrait Gallery we’ve been keeping you updated on progress with snapshots of developments. Now the gallery has been open for over a month we feel it’s only fair we share how things are going now the doors are open and the scones are baking, (had to mention the scones). The gallery saw well over 50,000 visitors in the first month alone, all coming down to the gallery to look round 17 exhibitions and of course, marvel at the restored and now very shiny Great Hall.

The Great Hall

It is in the Great Hall that in the weeks since the Portrait Gallery opened, groups of art fans, families, students, anyone and everyone has gathered before tours, events, drop-in sessions to meet their tour guide – anyone from a curator, or Gallery Director James Holloway, through to the education team and local architects. Over January and February – through the cold, dark and ice – we’re going to attend an event a week to give you an idea of what’s what. From families events to curator talks we hope to give you a feel for the Portrait Gallery experience…

Although some of the events at the Portrait Gallery are drop-in, it’s always worth checking if they have a limited capacity. All events are listed at National Galleries online. Also – we’re tweeting and keeping Facebook updated with highlights and ideas so make sure you’re following us!

Imagining Power

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