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Scottish National Portrait Gallery OPENED TODAY

December 1, 2011

So the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is OPEN!

Portrait Gallery Opening 01.12.11 012

At 10am this morning we all gathered outside with the Preston Lodge High School Pipe Band to watch those much loved doors open to the public, announced by James Holloway, Portrait Gallery Director and opened by John Byrne. They will open at 10am 7-days-a-week from now on!

The Great Hall

Portrait Gallery Opening 01.12.11 045

Just for you, we’ve quickly run round with our camera and snapped people having a look in the never-seen-before exhibitions. From Women of the 18th-Century to Romantic Camera and back to the Reformation charting the mid-1500s to the end of the seventeenth century and on to the Jacobites in Imagining Power: The Visual Culture of the Jacobite Cause – the Portrait Gallery covers plenty of ground AND all of that’s before you will see Dolly the Sheep’s death mask and Hot Scots 21st century faces… and breathe… the 17 gallery spaces cover a lot of ground!

Romantic Camera

It was very exciting this morning seeing John Byrne knock on the door of the Portrait Gallery and step inside. The gallery is designed with you in mind, there’s been loads of brilliant feedback already on facebook and twitter and there were some very lovely comments on the gallery and its new light open feel today from those first through the doors.

Portrait Gallery Opening 01.12.11 060

I hope you will have a chance to come down and see the new Gallery soon – entry is completely free – and on Thursdays from next week 8 December we’ll be open late until 7pm.

Romantic Camera films

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Anne-Marie Wagener permalink
    December 1, 2011 3:41 pm

    Congratulations! I wish I could have joined you on such a wonderful occasion. I can’t wait to see the spectacular newly-renovated Portrait Gallery. Hat tip to my friend James!


  2. Mrs Jane Mooe permalink
    December 1, 2011 9:05 pm

    Looks fantastic – I hope to come on Saturday. Enjoyed James Holloway’s talk at NGS last Tuesday. If your team can deliver on time and within budget – could you now rescue the Trams please?
    Jane Moore

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