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The Sky’s the Limit

February 1, 2011

Portrait Gallery Roof in the Snow
I am glad this roof is no longer open to the skies.  This is the section that has been completely removed, remodelled and rebuilt – as faithful viewers will remember from last year.

View from the roof of the Portrait Gallery
And, while we are on the roof, here is a view to Fife, with sea haar over the Forth.

The new extended pavement
Down on the ground again, and I am afraid the bad weather did delay the start here at the end of November. But the contractors are catching up.  You can see the new kerb line and how it will extend the pavement into the road.  (The old line is marked by the left edge of the concrete in the middle distance.)  We did find part of an old cellar in the foreground but I am not expecting any more (fortunately): there were no buildings on the site before work started on the Portrait Gallery in 1885 (apart from a short-lived, temporary shed of a gallery at the extreme east end).  The ground had been used as a private, walled garden, owned by proprietors in St Andrew Square, and probably bought speculatively more than a century earlier.

New Lift Shaft Doors
Work continues on the lift shaft: here are the shaft doors . . .

The suspended staff meeting room
. . . . and the suspended staff meeting room is now glazed (transparent processes).

One of the top-lit galleries in course of decoration
Finally, one of the top-lit galleries in course of decoration.  This is the site of the old Antiquaries’ Library (now downstairs).  Snow is partially covering the roof lights.

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