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The Codebreakers

October 19, 2010

Here, to mark the move of the library from the top floor to the middle floor, is a photograph of the team that has achieved this considerable feat: Murray Pillans, Gary McCaw, Duncan Currie, Robert Wilson, and Derek Graham of JCC Limited, Dunfermline.

The Antique Library Jigsaw Team

They estimate they have dismantled, labelled and re-constructed 5,000 pieces of wood in a colossal 3-dimensional jig-saw puzzle. And don’t imagine the two spaces are exactly the same size: perhaps the cleverest aspect has been the small, undetectable adjustments that have been necessary. The team’s previous job? Edinburgh Airport!

Another recent landmark has been the revelation of the big south-west gallery – where the roof has been re-built, with new roof lights flooding the space with natural light.

New Gallery Space

Steelwork to contain the glazing has been fitted – the upper section seen here, below.

Glazing Steelwork Goes Up

New stonework goes up for a new opening on the top floor…

New Stonework

…and the scaffolding has started to come down – just touching up here near the ground.

Scaffolding Coming Down

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