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Impossibly Old School

September 10, 2010

It’s been two weeks since Impossible Nation opened to the sounds of John the Revelator reverberating around Edinburgh’s Market Street. Despite the sporadic rainstorms all afternoon, the sun stayed out for street performances from contributing artist Fraser Gray’s band – An Echo poets; Mark Thomson and Milton Balgoni and the John Knox Sex Club.

The first week saw the Gallery tour schools around Angus, where the exhibition has proved popular with students and teachers. This week saw the bus visit South Ayrshire, with a day at Glenburn Primary in Prestwick, my hometown, where I spent the majority of the 80’s and 90’s.

It was a strange experience to see the old place from a perspective two foot taller than when I was last there, but I was made to feel very welcome and it was nice to see some of my old teachers.

Workshop at Glenburn

I spent the day with a class of Primary Sixes, creating our own Impossible Prestwick. These are collages of exquisite corpse characters placed on backgrounds of old photographs from around the town. They are then arranged into comic strips. It was an enjoyably exhausting day. The sensory overload of the exhibition tends to lead to quick fire questions from excitable young gallery-goers who don’t necessarily wait for an answer before asking the next one.

I think the gallery is visiting my old High School in a few weeks – so I might have to pay them a visit too.

If you would like to catch Impossible Nation the tour dates are on the Travelling Gallery website.

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