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The First Painting in the New Portrait Gallery

September 7, 2010

Well, we are more than half way through the building programme now.  And it is not difficult to be more heartened by what has already been done than discouraged by what remains to be finished!  Starting at the top, we now have a new roof; and here is the furthest advanced top floor gallery, now rather beautifully day-lit.

Top Floor Gallery with New Roof

There are even some paint samples to be approved.

Paint Samples

Actually some decoration is under way: under the central cupola before the scaffolding is struck.

Under the Central Cupola

Elsewhere upstairs the ceiling coving is being formed . . .

Ceiling Coving Being Formed

. . . and here are the cornice lengths waiting to be hoisted up.

Cornice Lengths Waiting to be Installed

Mind you, there is still a bit of masonry to be completed upstairs.

Masonry to be Completed Upstairs

Outside, look at this new cill and shaft.

New Window Cill and Shaft

And the leaded glazing is sparkling.

The Leaded Glazing is Sparkling

The middle floor with lift shaft. The lift itself has been made in Italy and will be shipped over next month.

The Middle Floor with Lift Shaft

At the front entrance a lively party is discussing signage. (Never a shortage of opinions on signage.)

A Lively Party Discussing Signage

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