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Mission: Impossible

August 19, 2010

Pictures of long-dead aristocrats alongside illustrations of veteran broadcaster Tam Weir, the sound of an Impossible Ceilidh filtered through a Kaoss pad by the Inflatable Monster (a.k.a. artist Andy McVicar), and finely detailed oil portraits sat next to cut up paste-ups and drippy doodles – the team who brought you last years Rough Cut Nation, have well and truly taken over the Travelling Gallery.

Impossible Nation picks up from Rough Cut, exploring the concept of national identity through a collaborative, collage installation that, come Saturday 20th August, will in embark on a tour around Scotland.

With a few less artists than last year’s extravaganza, and a couple of new additions to the roster, as you can see in this video, Impossible Nation is a more compact affair which will hopefully provide a far more intense experience for the viewer and encourage them to question their own notions of national identity.

The show opens tomorrow (Friday19th August) with live music from The John Knox Sex Club (their music forms the backing track to the video in the previous link) and An Echo (fronted by participating artist, Fraser Gray) and have a look at the Travelling Gallery website for information as to where the gallery will be visiting.
The NGS outreach team will be following up Impossible Nation in 2011 with our very own tour around the country to develop the Portrait of the Nation: Live project.

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