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A Doggy Treat

April 15, 2010

I regularly sign the certificates that are sent out to everyone who has generously bought a star on the ceiling of the Great Hall. Imagine my surprise when one of the certificates arrived through the post for me.

The Canis Major Constellation

It told me that James Holloway was joining the Gallery of Stars. Some mistake, I thought. But no! Quite unknown to me about twenty members of my family from Angus in the North to Auckland in the South and from Canada to Camberwell had clubbed together to buy the large star in Canis Major. I looked up my star on Wikipedia. I think I may be Sirius, the Dog Star.

Thank you to the extended Holloway family all over Great Britain and the world beyond. I am very thrilled. And thank you to everyone (some 180 of you) who has already bought a star for yourself or to remember a family member or friend. It is a wonderful way to commemorate a life and – of course – help the Portrait Gallery finally achieve its fundraising target of £17.6million.

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