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Antique Jigsaw

March 23, 2010

Since my last post, there have been no further developments relating to the appeal for news of the shinty painting although there has been lots of interest.  This lunchtime I appeared on BBC Radio Cafe to talk about the search and I will keep you updated if any new information comes to light. I remain ever optimistic and hopeful that the mystery will be solved and that my “little grey cells” can momentarily take a break! 

To Portrait Gallery building work now – the Society of Antiquaries Library has embarked upon its journey to become a new resource and learning centre. 

The Antiquaries' Library

The Library will be re-sited from the top floor (to enable the original architectural plans for a suite of top-lit galleries to be realised) to occupy the south-west side of the first floor.  

March 2010 - The Antiquaries Library partially dismantled

On looking at the recent photograph, ‘painstaking’ seems a somewhat tame word to describe the process of dismantling and, in time, reassembling each and every individual part of the Library’s structure – could this be the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle?  Once reassembled, the Library will contain displays of smaller items from the collection and also provide a space where contemplation and study can be the order of the day.  The top floor of the refurbished Gallery will include ten exhibitions and the space formerly occupied by the Library, will host the exhibition Church and State.

Future display bay in the Autumn 2011 Antiquaries Library

As I write this I’m casting my mind back to my trip, earlier in the week, to the Black Watch Museum in Perth, where I was greeted at the entrance by the most beautiful of yellow labradors (and also rueing the chance I didn’t take a photograph because I’m determined to somewhere in one of my posts, squeeze an animal photograph in).  All I can say is all museums should have one!

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  1. March 23, 2010 5:26 pm

    Well done on the radio appeal – I hope you get some leads from it. The painting is probably sitting over someone’s mantelpiece, unrecognised for what it really is.

    I love the progress photos btw and as I’ve always said, every museum and gallery should have a cat. I expect to see a ‘Museum Cat’ photo on here every Friday forthwith!


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