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December 31, 2009

This December saw the town of Crieff awash with life size cow print flags, 100 schoolchildren with samba drums and cowbells, their faces covered by sinister black cow masks  and an adult contingent made up from local residents and parents descending from the historical market square to the new Strathearn Community Campus.

We had spent a full 12 hour day with the artist Gavin Lockhart, the preceding week producing 70  flags with young people at the school. The sight of these 7 foot by 4 foot cow-print flags fluttering against the majestic backdrop of the Perthshire countryside was amazing.

The ‘Stampede’ marked the culmination of Wild Rovers, the recent National Galleries of Scotland Outreach project which took reproductions of two Peter Graham paintings, one from Perth Museum and Art Gallery, one from our collection, (see previous post) and worked with young people in Crieff to create a series of images and artistic interventions within the town that took into account its droving past and looked towards its possible future.

The weather on the day was crisp with a cool mist of  ‘wandering shadows’ flickering across the mountains, ideally reminiscent of the landscapes depicted in the Graham paintings.

We are currently collating  the artwork produced during this project which will be exhibited at the National Gallery Complex from 14 Jan to 28 Feb, with several still photographs, a video work of the Stampede and the flags used in the performance. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished results.

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