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The Time for Talk is Over

November 18, 2009

Well, thank goodness the period of talking and planning is giving way to a time of action!  These are still early days of course but perhaps I can do no better than attach some photographs to prove it. 

Scaffolding going up. It’s been a nail-biting few weeks as we compete with the tram works to occupy Queen Street.

Ground floor: the daylight returns; parquet flooring in bags for re-use. Note the 1930s radiator boxes.

The middle floor, east side: unseen by the public for 15 years.

 We have all waited long enough after all – commissioning a ‘Feasibility Study’ for the Portrait Gallery was one of my first tasks when I arrived at the National Galleries of Scotland 15 years ago.  Members of our consultant project team, including Page \ Park architects, Will Rudd Davidson and a team of engineers, and Martin Sinclair, our project manager, have been involved for almost as long.

The Middle Floor, west side: blocking every window must have seemed a good idea at the time (since 1934).

Top Floor Gallery: dismantling of lay-lights (here in preparation for asbestos removal).

Vaults: the basement cleared out.

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  1. November 26, 2009 11:41 am

    The basement looks wonderful, like a vault. And the light seems to flood in on the other floors.

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