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The Final Cut

September 24, 2009

Phew. Done and dusted, painted, plastered, chopped up and flogged off.

Rough Cut Nation is over.

What an experience. A huge thank you to all the artists involved, the fantastic musicians who played in the space, the gallery staff (particularly the warders who put up with our late night installation, paint fumes and techno music), and a special thanks to Robin Baillie for the initial idea. The public and critical response was overwhelmingly positive with around 13,500 people through the door during the exhibitions three-week run, many of whom were first time visitors.

Bull Riach Skint and Pete Martin Paste-up corner and the Highland Seer

Since the show several of the artists have been working together on other projects, notably in Inverness for Re-imagining the Centre. And these relationships look set to continue with more Rough Cut events fermenting in our collective minds and the possibility of some form of Rough Cut Nation publication being produced in the near future… this space.

Rough Cut Nation

But for now I’ll leave you with these few final pictures from the show before it all went – bit by bit – to auction. And below are a couple of Jenny Soep’s live digital doodles that will have only been seen by the folk who came along to the performance by The John Knox Sex Club on August 15th, when the doodles were drawn live along with the music and projected onto the gallery walls.

        Digital Doodles      Digital Doodles

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