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The Scottish are coming!

September 16, 2009

This week many of our greatest portraits have made their way down to London where they will form part of our promotional exhibition, The Face of Scotland, which opens today (16th September) at the Fleming Gallery in the heart of Mayfair.

The face of Scotland catalogue

The Face of Scotland, Flemings, London, 15 Sept - 19 Dec 2009

London has never seen such an invasion – with Mary, Queen of Scots; Bonnie Prince Charlie; Robert Louis Stevenson; Billy Connolly and Sean Connery amongst the Tartan Army. We are certainly sending our A team.

The reason, of course, is to promote Portrait of the Nation and raise our profile in the south, particularly amongst the many Scots living in London. We have strong links with the Fleming Gallery and the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, which owns the greatest collection of Scottish art in private hands. The Fleming family originated in Dundee and built up one of the greatest private banks in the UK. They have always been proud of their Scottish identity and their gallery in Berkeley Street actively promotes all types of Scottish art.

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