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When the Lights Go Out

September 4, 2009

“Will the last person out of the Portrait Gallery please turn off the lights and lock the doors?”

“Er no, I’m afraid not: we don’t have a key!”

A bit unlikely, you might think, for such a fortress of a building – but, after continuous human occupation for longer than anybody can remember, the doors are, of course, all bolted from the inside. Some things one doesn’t anticipate. . .

Some Members of the Building Project Delivery Team

Some Members of the Building Project Delivery Team

Design and cost issues are reaching a crescendo of complication, as the finishing touches are put to the building contract – since the more we can deal with now, the less scope there will be for ambiguity later on. The practical aspects of scaffolding, building deliveries, cranes, site huts etc. on a site surrounded by roads are a matter of some anxiety at the moment. And what with the large-scale consequences of the neighbouring tram work proposals,  we may also have to vie with the council a little to get the space we need for all the equipment that comes along with our very own momentous building project.

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