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Auctions, Gloves and Doodles

August 27, 2009

Now into the last week of Rough Cut Nation and the space is still evolving if at a slightly slower pace than before. With additions to the walls from artists Clare Brennan and Helen Gallogly and the introduction of the amazing UV glove it’s well worth a second visit if you haven’t already been.  Here is a video of the UV glove in action shot by artist Yann Seznec.

We have a busy week ahead with Edinburgh Art Festival’s Art Late night today, live music from Meursault and Withered Hand on Friday, all culminating in an auction  on Sunday of the artwork roughly cut from the walls of the gallery. It looks like it will be a fun if exhausting finale to what has been a fantastic experience.

The work on sale on Sunday will range from the painted tables and chairs in the cafe to work of all shapes and sizes cut directly from the walls of the exhibition. The prices will range from a couple of pounds for small sections to larger pieces at a few hundred pounds each. The work in the gallery is painted straight onto the canvas walls which, over the years, has been graced with work from internationally and historically important artists. You could grab a wee piece of this heritage next Sunday at 2pm. Hope to see you there.

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