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August 14, 2009

Rough Cut Nation has now been open for almost a week with over 3000 people through the door in 5 days it’s proving more popular than we could have imagined. The response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive with people from all ages and backgrounds finding something in there that they like. 

The only criticism I’ve received so far is down to the lack of interpretive literature available. This has provoked some interesting discussions regarding the ethos and content of the show. Art found in the street seldom comes with an explanatory text attached to the wall next to it or a wee numbered map telling you who made what and their thinking behind it. You have to work quite hard to find out who created it and why. When we bring street art into the gallery are we obligated to also provide interpretation for visitors? The information is there if people actively seek it out; on the website, in the press interviews and through discussions with myself or the artists who can be usually found floating around the gallery during opening hours. It would be good to hear what you think.

For anyone who wants to know more here are some videos taken on the opening night by people who came along.

As you can see the live music events have worked extremely well so far, with avant-garde freeform jazz on the opening to melodic folk on Saturday each gig has given the space a totally different feel. I’m really looking forward to the gigs this weekend from Unicorn Kid on tonight, An Echo and The John Knox Sex Club on Saturday. Check the events listings for details.

Also for those who haven’t seen it here is the full time lapse video of the exhibition being put together.

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