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Meteor hits the Portrait Gallery!

June 24, 2009

As James mentioned in his first post, the collection has now been moved out of the Gallery, and we are getting closer to the gritty business of building work which will commence later this year.   All that remains is the imminent move of the Library and research resources, office equipment and lastly, the staff themselves.

Willie Dixon - PG Head Warder - and I looking into the hole…

Willie Dickson - PG Duty Manager- and I looking into the hole…

On the practical side of things, building exploration work is already being carried out – two 1½ metre deep meteor-like holes have recently appeared in the former temporary exhibition space on the west side of the ground floor.  Unfortunately, the only treasures recovered were a very large, rusty nineteenth-century nail and, what looks like the neck of a small ceramic medicine pot.

Work on the exhibitions planned for Portrait of the Nation is already well underway.  As part of my research, I visited Ken Currie’s studio to view life masks of the sitters in the Three Oncologists.  These were made in order to realise a true likeness of each sitter, as their busy hospital schedules didn’t leave time for multiple portrait sittings.  We’re hoping they will be exhibited as part of the Pioneers of Science display.

The next time I post, I’ll be wearing a boiler suit and will be surrounded by crates of reference material, all carefully labelled and ready for their transition to our brand new offices.

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